Michael Rubinstein - The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights (1-3)

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Michael Rubinstein - The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights (1-3)

Dr. Michael Rubinstein demonstrates and explains dozens of coin sleights on this 3-volume set of DVDs, which can help you in finding just the right move for creating your own routines. Each sleight is examined from a few carefully and wisely chosen angles. In every case, Dr. Rubinstein examines several variations of each sleight and also often includes his own thinking and ideas.

Volume One:
Concealments: (Classic Palm, Finger Palm / Low Finger Palm / High Finger Palm, Thumb Palm, Angle Palm, Back Fingerclip Palm, The Front Fingerclip Palm, Fingertip Rest, Edge Grip, Goshman Pinch, Downs Palm) Steals:. (The Vernon Steal, Rubinstein Variation of Vernon Steal, The Al Schneider Steal, Rubinstein Variation of Schneider Steal, Steal One Coin from a Group, Steal One Coin from a Group - Rubinstein Variation, Retention of One Coin from a Group, Retention of One Coin from a Group-Variation # 2, Tenkai Pinch Steal, The Quick Steal) Shuttle Pass:. (Roth Shuttle Pass, Shuttle Pass, French Drop Shuttle Pass, French Drop Shuttle Pass Variation, RFD Shuttle Pass, V Retention Shuttle Pass, Rubinstein Shuttle Pass, Fingertip Shuttle Pass) Changeover Palms:. (Chanin Changeover Palm, Vernon Changeover Palm, Shuttle Changeover Palm, Spellbound Changeover Palm) Vanishes:. (French Drop Dingle Method, French Drop Buckley Method, French Drop Rubinstein Method, Spider Vanish, Spider Vanish Rubinstein Method, Classic Vanish, The Twist Vanish, The Miracle One-Hand Coin Vanish, The Bronx Take) Running Time:. Approximately 79 minutes.

Volume Two:
More Vanishes: (Multi Coin Vanish, The Drop Vanish, Giant Coin Vanish, Giant Coin Tenkai Vanish, The Variation Retention Pass, Retention Pass Variation # 1, Retention Pass Variation # 2, Ken Krenzel Retention Pass, Herb Zarrow Retention Pass, Tips on the Retention Pass) Loads:. (The L'Homme Masque Load, The Vernon Load, The Vernon Load Rubinstein Variation, The Fingertip Load, The Snap Load, The Fingertip Heel Clip Load, Silverdust Production Spellbound Moves:. (Standard Change One, Standard Change Two, Standard Change Two Variation # 1, Standard Change Two Variation # 2, Impromptu Touch Change, The Strike Change, Snap-Out Move, Krenzel Spellbound Move, The Rub Change, The Soft Change, The Blow Change, Stone Slap Change , Stone Slap Change, Spellbound 9333, Triple EG Spell) Double-Faced Coin Moves:. (Fantastic Chip Turnover Move, The Flip Turnover) Running time:. Approximately 79 minutes.

Volume Three:
More Double-Faced Coin Moves: (The Two Coin Turnover, The Two Coin Turnover Variation) Han Ping Chien:. (The Classic Move, The Classic Move Variation, Rubinstein Toss) Subtleties:. (Ramsey Subtlety, Kaps Subtlety) Coin Roll. . Switches: (Utility Switch from Finger Palm, Utility Switch from Classic Palm, Utility Switch with Thumb Clip, Fingertip Utility Switch, Thumb Palm Switch, The Latta One Hand Coin Switch, The Classic Angle One Hand Coin Switch, RSP Turnover Switch). Click Passes: (Single Click Pass, Double Click Pass, Bounce Click Pass, Bounce Double Click Pass, Rubinstein Click Pass, Thumb Click Pass, Double Clip Click Pass, New Theory Click Pass ROPS Technique:. (ROPS Move, New Theory Retention Pass , ROPS Click Pass, ROPS Double Click Pass, ROPS Card Move) Coin & Card Moves:. (Pick-Up Move, Harris Steal, Bilis Vanish, Card Lever Load, Pick-Up Load, Point Load, Twirl Load, Display and Flip -Over Move, Card Ping Chien) Running time:. Approximately 74 minutes.

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