Ace - SLAM (Sealed And Stuck)

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The effect of multiple COINS into the bottle of Ace - SLAM (Sealed And Stuck)

Multiple versions of the COINS into the bottle.

Imagine being able to visually melt a coin through a bottle. The coin is trapped inside The factory sealed bottle. An excellent souvenir for on.

For marketers handlings are be in this DVD!

S - Slam - A bottle is to empty. The magician borrows A coin and asks The on to stare at The bottom of The bottle making sure nothing is hidden. The magician then slams The coin through The bottom of The bottle. The coin is stuck inside The bottle as The coin is bigger than The expressions using of The bottle. Everything can be examined.

S 2 - Sealed and Stuck - A factory Sealed bottle is to empty on all sides. The magician borrows A coin and melts it through The factory Sealed bottle. Like Slam The coin is Stuck inside The bottle too. Everything can be examined

S 3 - Signed, Sealed and Stuck - Similar to S 2 but the coin is Signed by the on Everything can be examined.

Bonus: The impromptu version of S2, where you can borrow a bottle and do The effect.

Can they examine the bottle?  Yes!Of course they can!You can hand the bottle out for them to inspect immediately after You penetrate the coin through the bottle. You can just sit back and enjoy the show as they inspect the bottle. Trust me You will love the look on their faces.

Is it easy to perform?  Yes, this illusion is easy to perform. Hence you can focus on your presentation and you don 't need to worry about the technical part of the illusion.

Does it require massive set up?  No!The set up is simple and easy.

What kind of reaction will you get?  People will just laugh when the see the coin melts through the bottle. It is to a strange moment...They always believe what they just saw. It just looks so bizarre. The "Ah?!!!"And "A!!!!!!"Plus some screaming will last come when they are examining the bottle.

Think about this, they just see you visually melt the coin through the bottle. You let then examine the bottle and they always find anything wrong with it. Then they discover the bottle is brand new and factory sealed. When they try to pour out the coin they can 't...As the coin is bigger than the expressions using of the bottle. It just gets more and more impossible.

How strong can a coin through bottle get?

"I recently got sealed n stuck on DVD and in my (opinion) its a really great effect, I 'm not knocking the other CTB effects but this is good I stood in front of a mirror to see how it looks and it is fantastic!"

"Very visual penetration combinable with a signed" manageable sleights and timing no cons that I can think of I 'm relatively new to coin through bottle effects but to me it has great effects which are definitely reputation builders."
Ian,   Singapore

"I am currently searching for the ultimate coin through bottle effect and I think Sealed and Stuck is it, it is the most visual without any be hilarious jerks or covering the moves. The price is also quite a moving factor."
Joseph Kim, Australia

There are tons out There already (coin in bottle effects), and probably tons more "coming but nothing revolutionary like Ace 's"
Wayne, Stevenson, Canada

"Fantastic! By far one of the most visual coin through bottles I 've ('ll, and trust me, I' ve'll a LOT!"
John, USA

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