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"Roddy is a creative monster! A seemingly endless stream of 'off the wall' creativity and relentless ingenuity. Take it from me - you'll be hearing A LOT more from this guy in the near future!" - Dave Forrest

“Ezra Pound said, ‘Genius... is the capacity to see ten things where the ordinary man sees one.’ Roddy sees twenty things! Playing cards, coins, buttons, origami, ink, words, pictures – they are all completely fluid concepts in Roddy’s mind, and none of the usual rules apply. When he starts to perform a trick, there is NO WAY of knowing what will happen. This lecture will have more original ideas in it that the last ten lectures you watched combined. He is THAT clever.” – Mark Elsdon (Roddy McGhie Fan)

"No joke, Roddy is one of the cleverest magicians I have ever met. Got to meet him at FISM and he blew me away with some of his creations. Not just me, but he also impressed guys like Garrett Thomas, Mark Elsdon and Josh Jay. He was creating quite a bit of buzz among some of the lecturers and dealers with his clever tricks. " - Cameron Francis

"This man is a genius." - James Went

"Roddy has been one of the quiet but powerful magicians from across the pond for quite some time. I am a fan and glad he is about to get the recognition that he deserves." - Michael Weber

What will he teach?

Jester – The Joker finds the spectator's card in the most surprising way. They won't see this one coming!

Freaky Psychic Kid – Your spectator freely names any card, yet you prove that your freaky psychic kid knew all along.

We Make Any Sandwich – A sandwich trick without the cards! You show an envelope which is seen to contain a single photograph of the most bizarre yet delicious sandwich you ever ate. Your spectators take a guess at the ingredients, constructing the weirdest, most random sandwich they can imagine. You remove the photograph and show they were 100% correct.

FrankenDoh – A signed coin is found inside a ball of Play Doh. How it gets there has to be seen to be believed!

Animal Magic – Your spectator chooses an animal at random from a list which they then fold in quarters. With a touch of flame the paper instantly transforms into an origami representation of their chosen animal.

Midas Jnr. - Borrow a penny and cleanly demonstrate your ability to magically transform metal as you slowly start to turn the penny silver. You then give your spectator the “power” and they finish job leaving them with a solid silver penny as a magical memento.

Restored with Style – Roddy's signed, Torn and Restored business card effect. Don't just leave them with a business card. Leave them with proof of a magical moment! This is a card they WILL keep.

PhotoShocked – Forget Photoshop. Demonstrate your ability to physically alter a bunch of photographs in the most visual way using magic alone!

The Napkin Rose – Roddy's take on the napkin rose. This takes the traditional napkin rose to another level. In a few easy steps you’ll be able to create a beautiful, life like rose from any paper napkin.

Card Nav 2000 – A signed card is lost in the deck. Then, using your “Card Nav 2000”, the spectator finds the card in an impossible location.

Magic Coin – Roddy's take on Richard Sander's “identity” using a borrowed coin.

A Bit O Blaine – A two phase mini card through window routine using a Tic Tac box.

Cornered – A visual torn and restored corner routine using an easy to make gimmick.

Who is he?

Roddy is a close-up magician with big fans among magic's big names. For many years, Roddy operated 'under the radar' applying his talents to creating effects for his own close-up performances and creating unique, original effects for a number of TV productions.

Roddy first caught the magic bug at the age of 7 when he bought a second-hand magic set from a jumble sale. A magic shop opening next to his school in Renfrew, Scotland further ignited his interest, and time that should have been spent on homework was spent crafting his own effects and gimmicks to amaze and delight his school friends (and the occasional teacher).

Roddy has always enjoyed performing (or showing off, as his wife calls it). He spent many years in punk bands in Glasgow before eventually deciding to take up magic professionally in his 20's. He now performs regularly at weddings, parties and corporate events testing out his new inventions with unsuspecting audiences. Glasgow audiences are a famously tough crowd, so the effects that Roddy brings to you in this lecture have stood up to this test.

Roddy has carved out a name for himself over recent years as a creator of awesome, off-beat routines and crazy clever gimmicks. With the encouragement of David Forrest from Full 52 he has brought these to the market over the last few years. His effects Sew On, Incognito, LollypOp (with Danny Weiser) and Flux have been universally well received, with Flux becoming a worldwide best seller recommended by Cyril, Michael Weber and Luke Jermay among other big names.

This lecture will invite you inside the mind and creative process of one of magic's true originals.

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