Justin Miller - Cell-Spension

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Justin Miller - Cell-Spension

Floating pen effect , you can check finished performing , teaching and teaching in addition to props outside , JustinMiller also comes with four other Bonus effects.

Ok, so imagine you are with your friends and someone asks you to do that voodoo you doo so well.

You ask for a pen and you place the pen behind your cell-phone. And you say "look, it's sticking to my phone is not that interesting?" They instantly catch on that your fingers or thumb is holding it into place. So you take away your hand, "nice one mr. magic dork, but your other hand has finger and a thumb and your holding onto the pen with them" then you take away BOTH hands and the pen is suspended against the phone..then the really crazy part! The pen starts to FLOAT towards you and then behind your hand and they can SEE it through you fingers, it comes to rest on the back of your hand and then slowly makes it's way back to where it started..and everything can be examined!

"Fooled me when you showed me. I did the effect for my girl and she literally grabbed her phone and tried ... it was awesome! After she dropped the pen multiple times she just threw the pen at me and said @ &% K IT "-Richard -"! & $ * @ ING incredible !! How do you come up with this stuff What a labor of love you put into your work.THANKS !!!!!!!!! "-Clarke-?

"Just watched the rubber band thru ring .... Superb !! .. def a" Why did not I think of that "moment .... worth the just for that !!" -Mike-

"Cell- Sn has all the great visuals of a levitation or animation but RETAINS some mystique for the spectators, one of the reasons Card Warp is so intriguing and stood the test of time. I LOVE this kind of magic, thanks JM !!" -Ben-

NO thread!
NO magnets!
NO clear plastic!
NO wires
NO complicated devices!
TOTALLY silent!

You can show BOTH SIDES of the phone before and after the effect!
You get the download on how to make your very own gimmick (which you have around the house..fo sho!) And once the gimmick is made it will last a lifetime!
And 4 BONUS effects:

BONUS # 1 A GREAT ending or extra phase to crazy man's handcuffs where you re-link the bands, then unlink in a very, very visual and impossible way!

BONUS # 2 Unlink a rubberband from a spectators BORROWED ring while it is still on their finger!

BONUS # 3 Vanish a spectators BORROWED ring while it's trapped in-between two rubberbands, and then reappears in any desired location (except ohio, trust me there is NOTHING desirable about ohio)

BONUS # 4 Drop-A-Dime, this is SUCH a great trick. Using just a BORROWED and SIGNED dime and two hotel keys a whole lot magic happens in just 2 min.
All 4 BONUS effects are absolutley FREE with the purchase of Cell-Sn.



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