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heroic project Justin Miller - The Bold Project

The teaching Keywords : poker , banknotes, coins , condoms, driver's license , wallet. 18+ official website said that the teaching is available to buy. Justin F word is separated from the mouth . This project is open ended teaching JM call , meaning a week after the new school will be added within this teaching project that education will continue to rise the price. The following is a list of teaching so far : DMT, JM + HL Cave Control, JM + HL Zipper Change, LTS, Mental Mess, String Theory, Wrench's and Vibrators, XXX, Story Time with JM.

"You fucking sick, twisted, brilliant fucker. I can not believe how ingenious this is! (Commenting on STRING THEORY from THE BOLD PROJECT) That I think this will bother people after it's performed on them" -Christopher-

"Just watched String Theory. OMG .......... Epic!" -Adam-

"Holy shit JM's Bold project is .... wordless! I can not even put word's to the material that's on this, cards, coins, weird shit I've never even heard of. Thanks JM!" -Andrew-

"The BOLD project is just awesome! I have not had time to go through every routine but Wrenches and Vibrators is fresh and BOLD. JM is one of those guys that can take the boring basic routine and transform it by adding additional phases that bring it to life! "-Reza-

"I really believe that JM is onto something here. Basically you pay once and get access to downloads of videos that teach you magic. No, not just videos. Also essays, theory and some other stuff. More stuff will be added over time but you only have to pay once. The later you get into the project, the more you have to pay. The question is, why am I endorsing this? Well because I like the structure. Paying once, continuous support! Not a life time support mind you. The project can end at anytime that JM decides. But the overall structure of not getting a final product and then having to pay for the next one really is an intriguing one "-Roland-

"I watched String Theory this afternoon and I have to say that is the best one of the Bold package that I have seen so far! Killer, JM!" -Jim-

This project is just a drop in the bucket of what I have planned to help get the art of magic back from the industry (please click here for my indiegogo campagin) that has so violently taken it away. I do not believe that magic was ever intended by the universe (insert deity here) to be allowed to get where it is today. We have exposure of magic on YouTube by the multi-thousands, and we have kids growing up thinking that it's ok, calling themselves magicians no less. No one wants to DO THE WORK of what it entails to be able to be called a magician anymore.

Magician..man, that word, that used to be such a deep honor to be called that, to be associated with the secret society that causes humans to get in touch with that "state of astonishment" that Paul Harris so perfectly described it in his Art of Astonishment books, that they need so desperately to get back to in order to evolve into a fascinating being! Now it is thrown around as if it's just another form of job title ... FUCK THAT! You do NOT choose magic, magic chooses you. Who the hell wakes up one morning and says "ya know what, I think I'm going to get a cup of coffee and see what it takes to become a pro. magician, I mean this lawyer thang just is not cutting it "NO ONE DOES!

So the BOLD project is a way to help you GET BACK what the industry has taken, and that is the first installment with these 9 effects:

I am going to help you get back the ability to use BOLD SLEIGHT OF HAND and BOLD PRESENTATIONS and BOLD METHODS to accomplish what looks like REAL MAGIC! I am going to help show you that YOU MUST DO THE WORK if you want the HONOR of the title Magician! You must practice, and these effects have been hand picked by me to give you that opportunity, as most of these are not out of the box workers. If you want that special moment with the spectator you will have to work for it . But man is it worth it Take a look at what BOLD is offering to start you out.:

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